Oriflame Foundation Review

Oriflame Foundation Review

It is time for me to buy a new foundation, and since the sunny days are coming, it is best to get a product with sunscreen in it. So after using some cheap foundation, I decided to try something else, because those cheap products didn’t convince me about lasting.

So I decided I will try a product I heard many good things about, this is the Oriflame The ONE Foundation, which has sunscreen in it to protect our skin from harmful rays from the sun.

I didn’t have too much expectation, because Oriflame is not the most expensive product out there, but I don’t want to spend too much money on a foundation.

But still, it lasted more than 6 hours on my face. I put some powder on it and highlighter, and the foundation is ready!

I can’t tell any disadvantage with the product, it is a very good price value ratio, I would give it five stars. I think this product will last until summer for me. And then I will need something water based foundation for the higher temperature outside.

The consistency of this foundation what I love the most. It’s not runny, not dripping. We can say that the product is concentrated, so you have to be easy with it, especially with the foundation brush. I needed to use my fingers to finish at the end.

So I think this Oriflame foundation is much better than a cheaper one from the shop, but still not too expensive.

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