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Can men use Oriflame products?

When people think about cosmetic products, they always assume that these are only for women. Because they mostly think about make-up products. And of course, women are generally more interested in these products, the majority of Oriflame members are still women. But the truth is, there are also many men who are interested in them and use Oriflame products on a daily basis. So let’s see what Oriflame products men can use, and what are the other reasons they join Oriflame.

It’s a growing market

Men cosmetics is a growing market. According to CNBC, this market segment is a multibillion-dollar growth opportunity for the industry. According to market research, the men’s personal care market is expected to reach $166 billion in 2022. So more and more men become more conscious about the health of their skin, and more and more of them start to use cosmetic products. Especially in the younger generation between the age of 18 and 22.

There are lots of Oriflame products for men

Cosmetics is a very broad product category. It’s not just make-up. Oriflame has a lot of products specifically developed for men. For example, perfumes, skincare products, shaving, and after shaving products. Keep in mind that some of these products are not available in every country, but it’s probably just a matter of time before they will be available everywhere. Let’s see some of the best products from Oriflame that are specifically for men.

Possess The Secret Perfume

It’s not a coincidence that I start with this product. This is my absolute favorite perfume at Oriflame. If you buy this perfume for your husband (or for yourself if you are a man), you won’t regret it, I guarantee it. It’s one of the premium products of Oriflame. If a man has only one perfume, this should be it.

Novage Men Set

Novage is another top-line, premium category product line, and this is a complete skin routine set specifically for men! But why is it different from the regular Novage sets? It’s different because men have different skin than women. Men’s skin is 20 – 25% thicker than women’s, and it also has a tougher texture. It also contains more collagen, which gives it a tighter, firmer appearance. So this is why Oriflame developed a complete skincare routine specifically for men’s skin.

How do men use NovAge

The routine consists of four steps. It’s very easy to remember the steps because you can see small dots on the products. The first step has one dot, the second step has two dots on it, etc. The first step is the exfoliating cleanser which contains black charcoal (in the big tube). The second step is the eye gel which reduces eye wrinkles (the smallest tube). It needs to be applied under the eye. The third step is the Hydrating Booster which needs to be applied by avoiding the eye area. And the last step is the Face Gel Lotion.

After Shave Moisturising Gel

Another product for men is this moisturizing gel which can be used after shaving. It is promised to deliver skin hydration for 24 hours. It contains antioxidants and electrolytes that help to lock in moisture and leave skin healthy. It contains menthol which gives a cooling sensation on the skin. You can use it not only on your face but on the next too.

Gender-neutral cosmetic products

Most people also don’t realize that there are many gender-neutral cosmetic products at Oriflame. What are gender-neutral products? Well, if we think about make-up products like lipstick and foundation, many people would say that these are products for women. Although, there are a growing number of men who use make-up.

But there are many cosmetic products that are definitely not only for women. For example, shampoos, hair conditioners, soaps, bath products like shower gels, toothpaste, hand creams, and things like that. Oriflame also has products for pimples and acne, which is a problem that doesn’t only affect women.

Wellness products

Wellness is another product category that is definitely gender-neutral. In fact, usually, men consume more wellness products, especially if they are training. What are Wellness products? Oriflame has a protein shake that can substitute a complete meal, or can be consumed after training to help regeneration. We have an omega-3 supplement that is an essential fatty acid. And we have an antioxidant supplement that helps us fight oxidative stress. Unfortunately, wellness products are not available in every country yet, for example, Oriflame doesn’t sell them in Nigeria, but hopefully, this will change in the future.

Some men join for the business

Oriflame is not only a regular cosmetics company. They are also a direct selling, network marketing company. People are joining Oriflame for different reasons. And one of these reasons is the money-making opportunity. Many men join Oriflame because they want to earn money. And besides the business, many of these men recognize the benefits of using cosmetic products, so after joining Oriflame, they start to use more of these products than they used before.

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