how to use oriflame face scrub

How to use Oriflame face scrub

One of the best skincare products of Oriflame is the face scrub, which can be really beneficial for everyone. And if you are wondering how you can use a face scrub, this article will hopefully help you to understand. Keep in mind that Oriflame doesn’t sell face scrub in every country, in some countries, they replaced face scrub products with peeling creams that utilize a different technology. So let’s talk about the benefits of using a face scrub and how to use them.

The benefits of using face scrub

There are many benefits of using an exfoliating face scrub. First of all, the main role of face scrub is to remove dead skin cells from your face. This improves the texture and tone of your skin. Secondly, it also cleanses out clogged pores. But why is it important to remove dead skin cells anyway? Well, it’s important because if you remove dead skin cells, your skin can absorb the active ingredients better. Another benefit of using face scrub is that they can help to prevent ingrown hair, although this is mostly useful for men.

Before you apply face scrub

First of all, if you have make-up on your face, you need to remove it with micellar water and/or makeup remover. The next step is to use a proper cleanser that you use with water. You shouldn’t use regular soap because it’s not good for your skin. Regular soap removes too much oil from your skin and your skin will produce even more oil later to compensate. So always you a cleanser that doesn’t contain too much soap. And you always need to use the face scrub after the cleanser.

How to apply face scrub

After the cleanser, you can apply the face scrub when you still have water on your face. Put a small amount in your palm, and put your hands together to spread the srub to your other hand evenly. From your hands, you can apply the scrub to your face. Make sure you don’t rub it too strongly into your skin, you need to be very gentle with it. Use a circular motion, and you don’t need to use it for longer than 10 – 15 seconds. Try to avoid the eye area because the small particles can irritate your eyes.

After applying the scrub, you need to wash your face with water to remove every small particle from the scrub. The water shouldn’t be too warm. Even though it feels good to use warm water, cooler water is better for your skin!

What to do after

The next step is a very important one! After the face scrub, you need to use a hydrating cream on your face. The face scrub helped to remove dead skin cells so your skin will absorb more nutrients from the hydrating cream. If you clean your face before bed, you should use a night cream which is usually richer in active ingredients. But the cream you use should be determined by your skin type, so make sure you use the right one!

How often should you use a face scrub

It’s important to know that you should NOT use a face scrub every single day! You need to use it only once or twice a week in order to reach the best results. Using a face scrub too often is more harmful to your skin and doesn’t give better results.

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